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Mixed Berry Cocktail


  • 1 oz blue raspberry vodka
  • 1 oz white rum
  • Mixed berry juice 
  • Fresca
  • Fresh raspberries

After a delightful canyon drive in the jeep and a small nature hike, we got home and started making dinner and I just whipped this together. It’s really tasty!

I added the liquors and ice first, then filled about 3/4 of the way up the glass with that mixed berry juice. Top it off with Fresca and some fresh raspberries! Enjoy 🙂


Orange Peach Lemonade

I just threw this together, but it turned out to be quite refreshing! A delightful way to start the evening after work, while Danielle cooks us a delicious meal! 

  • 1 oz vodka
  • 1/4 oz peach schnapps
  • Equal parts orange juice and lemonade 
  • Top off with Fresca

Get a highball glass and fill halfway with ice. Start adding liquids with the vodka and peach schnapps, then add orange juice, lemonade, and the finish with Fresca. 


Untraditional Long Island Iced Tea

This is not your traditional Long Island Iced Tea, but it’s close! As you know, there is no actual tea in this, but it looks like Tea and some say it tastes like tea as well. It has a lot of alcohol so it’s not a beginners drink by any means. 


  • 1 oz gin
  • 1 oz gold tequila
  • 1 oz vodka
  • 1 oz gold rum
  • 1 oz triple sec
  • 2 drops angostura bitters
  • 1 splash simple syrup
  • 3 oz limeade
  • 1-2 oz cola
  • Lemon wedge

Prepare a highball glasses with ice. Next mix your ingredients except the cola in a shaker and shake on ice for about 30 seconds. Strain into your prepared glass and add the cola to top it off. Garnish with a lemon wedge and enjoy! 

The “Spring Breaker” Cocktail


Here’s a fun one!

  • Tropical punch puckers – 1 oz
  • Tropical punch juice – to fill 
  • Tropical punch vodka – 1 oz
  • Blue Curaçao – dash

This drink is pretty tasty and very cool looking too! I added the ingredients in a different order this time with the blue being on top when normally it’s on the bottom. It made for a cool pic! It’s very tropical that’s for sure! 

The Cersei- A Game Of Thrones Inspired Drink

This particular addition was sent to me from the mother of my oldest childhood friend. I love this family dearly and I am very grateful to have them in my life. Thanks Bonnie!!! You’re great 🙂

Image“The Cersei” -Beautiful, Smooth and Deadly. I just came up with it today, because

1-Your Blog,
2-I am reading all of the books and

3-The Moroccan Mint in my garden is irresistible:)

Fresh Lime on rim of glasses & salt with Sea Salt, 2 slices of Fresh Lime: squeeze into each glass, 4-5 Moroccan Mint Leaves: Muddled plus (3-4 for Garnish),

2 Shots of your favorite Tequila, 1 shot of your favorite Orange Liquor, 1/4 cup fresh ice cubes and 1/2 cup Limeade (Fresh or A good frozen brand), Adjust to glass size or make a Pitcher (Mix, Relax & Enjoy;)

New Year’s Mimosa

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016 everyone 🙂

Today we wanted to start off 2016 with a delightful breakfast of cinnamon swirl pancakes, scotch eggs, and mimosas. We had champagne leftover from our New Year’s toast and orange juice so it was very easy to make mimosas. 

We got these really cool champagne flutes earlier this year just for our New Year’s toast (and other fun occasions) and we made a slight twist to the classic mimosa. 


  • Champagne 
  • Orange juice
  • Peach schnapps
  • Grenadine 

I first poured about two thirds of the glass full wit champagne and then added the schnapps and orange juice to fill to the top. I added just a splash of grenadine last as it sinks to the bottom and makes for a beautiful looking mimosa!

Cheers to 2016 all!


Orange-berry Refresher

I got a book called the “Bar Book” from a friend at work a while back and it has a lot of great information about all types of alcohol and the tools and skills needed to make delicious cocktails. One of the drinks in that book is this delightful concoction. It’s called the Pink Fetish, but I like to call it the Orange-berry Refresher. This drink has a simple recipe but a complex taste. To make this drink you will need a shaker, something I don’t often use, but really should.

Ingredients (makes two servings)

  • 3 oz vodka
  • 3 oz peach schnapps
  • 6 oz cranberry juice
  • 6 oz orange juice
  • Lime wedges

Mix all the liquids in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously (for my shaker I had to split the recipe in half). Fill a glass with as much ice as you’d like, I usually like at least half of the glass filled with ice. Once you’re done shaking the liquids, strain it into your glasses. This helps get rid of the foam on top, at least a lot of it. Squeeze a like wedge on top and drop it in. Garnish with another lime wedge if desired and enjoy!

Apple Moscow Mule (Normandy Mule)

Many people know and love the now infamous Moscow Mule, but we decided to make a variation on the original which we call a Normandy Mule. The history of the Moscow Mule is rather interesting which essentially was a ploy to sell ginger beer and vodka, neither of which were popular at the time (1941). While Moscow Mules are very tasty, they can have quite a kick because of the ginger beer (which is why many think the name mule was added since mules are known kick). We had a hard time actually finding ginger beer in the stores, but we did find lots of Apple beer. We thought that we would give this a try and boy are we glad we did! The recipe for a Moscow mule is simply vodka and ginger beer with lime. We replaced the ginger beer with Apple beer and the vodka with green apple flavored vodka. We decided to call it a Normandy Mule because this part of France is known for its apple orchards. 

Here is the recipe:

  • 1.5 oz green apple vodka
  • Two lime wedges
  • Apple beer
  • Apple slice for garnish

To make simple fill a copper mug 1/3 with ice and then add the vodka and then top off with the Apple beer. Squeeze one lime wedge into the drink and simply add the other to the mixture but do not squeeze. Garnish with the apple slice and lime slice of desired. Enjoy!

Blue Lagoon Cocktail


So by now you should all know that we like to make our own cocktails with our full service home bar. Most of our friends and family know this too. Danielle and I like to get a cool calendar for our kitchen and we were not sure what to get this year. Instead of looking all over for one, Danielle’s mom got us the coolest calendar as a gift. It’s a cocktail calendar which is placed right above the liquor cabinet. This month’s drink is called as Blue Lagoon. This drink is very tasty! Here is the recipe:


1.5 oz blue curaçao
1.5 oz vodka (we used fruit punch flavor)
Ice (you’ll notice we used our cool ice sphere molds infused with fruit)
Orange for garnish

This drink doesn’t have any special instructions to make, we simply added all the ingredients to a glass and garnished with an orange slice.

Enjoy! Stay tuned for more delicious cocktails.

Strawberry Pineapple Fusion


Earlier today we tested our skills at making a Strawberry Pineapple smoothie and I must say it was a success! During our Sunday cardio (aka shopping around town) Danielle found these cool ice sphere molds that you can infuse with various items such as mint or fruit. We decided that since we had frozen strawberries we would make some strawberry infused ice spheres. Continuing with our strawberry pineapple extravaganza, we made this delicious cocktail.

This drink has the following ingredients:

2 oz fruit punch vodka

1 oz pineapple rum

Squirt soda

No special mixing process with this drink whereas all the liquids are basically clear. The ice spheres turned out really well we thought! Hope you enjoy this one, bottoms up!