Turkey Burger 


So based on some unfortunate biometric scan results Levi and I have decided to make just a few changes in our lifestyle to make sure that we don’t just drop dead. You may start to see some lighter recipes on the blog. I am going to tell you that we are not on a diet. I hate dieting and all the negativity that word implies.

I have never personally been a successful dieter. I’ve always been able to lose weight, but never been able to maintain it. And so of course I always end up heavier than when I started. So it’s just a bad experience all around.

This time I am focusing on health. Inevitably some of the weight will come off, but it’s not the goal. Eating home more often, getting semi-regular exercise and just being more conscious of what we are putting in our bodies is the goal.

Don’t worry though! I still have a major sweet tooth and part of being healthy is being balanced and not ignoring those cravings. Everything in moderation.

So here we go.


1 lb Ground Turkey

1/2 Red Onion, chopped

2 Tbsp Parsley, finely chopped

1 Tbsp Mustard Powder

1 Tbsp Garlic Powder

Pinch of Salt and Pepper

Optional- Pepper jack cheese

Mix up all the ingredients and form into patties. We made 3. I made them pretty thin and large because I like meat in every bite. We made these on a skillet, I am not sure how well they would hold up on a grill. If your heart is set on the grill I would maybe add a binder like bread crumbs.

We got these great pitas from Sams Club and just added some ranch and lettuce and boom! Awesome sandwich!

How yummy is this?!?!?


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