Pan Roasted Potatoes


Who can say no to a delicious helping of golden pan roasted potatoes?!?! I sure can’t. Potatoes are probably my favorite side dish. You can fry them, mash them, bake them and have them for breakfast lunch and dinner!

Yum Yum Yum!IMG_2173

But sometimes how to make them can be a mystery. So I am trying to include some great side dishes that will be easy to make.

For this dish I like to use medium size Yukon Gold potatoes or red potatoes. Cut the potato into sixths.

In a medium skillet add 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil or butter depending on your preference. The more you are making the more butter you can add. The herb that you will find most often in this type of dish is rosemary. You can also add oregano or sage. Over medium heat melt the butter. Add your herbs to the butter. Add the potatoes. Cook for 5 minutes and add some salt and pepper.

Toss the potatoes occasionally to ensure that they brown evenly on all sides. You will know the potatoes are done when they are golden brown on all sides and can be cut in half by a fork. Or you can insert a fork and see if the potato slides off easily.




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