Blue Frost Cocktail


Hello and happy new year! I’ve been on a hiatus from blogging (Levi here) because for a long while my laptop was broken, like physically cracked and irreparable. I got a new laptop on Black Friday, don’t worry I managed to get out completely unscathed haha. The plan was to blog more after I got my new laptop, but I still didn’t because let’s face it I was lazy. Even now I’m writing this on my phone Haha. However, it’s a new year (I know “new year new me” blah blah) and I truly want to be more active in the blogosphere alongside my dearest friend and co-blogger Danielle, who took this idea and ran with it and has been very successful I must say.

This drink we just something I came up with, as most are, but turned out to be delicious!

Here is how to make it:

2 oz raspberry rum
1 oz blue curaçao

First I always start with 4 cubes from ice from a regular plastic ice cube tray and put them in a highball glass; you’ll see why in a moment. Then I pour the hard liquor over the ice. Next I add the blue curaçao. At this point the ice is floating and covering the majority of the surface of the liquid with a nice flat surface of ice since the cubes have a large flat surface. Now I pour the sprite over the ice slowly as not to disturb the mixture too much whilst aiming to hit the surface of the ice and not the liquids already in the glass. This helps ensure you have a nice ombre affect as seen above.

I hope you enjoy your Blue Frost!



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