Dr. Pepper Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Dr Pepper Pulled Pork

I have officially jumped on the pulled pork bandwagon. This recipe is what pushed me over the edge. That also means that I have become insanely picky about my pulled pork, and may never actually order it from a restaurant ever again. There isn’t anything worse than a disappointing pulled pork sandwich. I have learned this lesson the hard way. Sometimes it’s way too dry and they just put a little drizzle of BBQ sauce over the top. Yuck. And even worse it could be drowned in some thin drippy BBQ. Yucky and messy. In my opinion the taste and texture of the pork should be able to stand on it’s own, then mix the BBQ in with the meat to create the perfectly flavored and juicy bite every time!

This creation came into being during the Dr. Pepper-palooza. Just randomly one day we decided to make an entire meal with Dr. Pepper since the other Dr. Pepper posts have been so popular. I was also a little curious if I could get Levi to cry uncle with the DP. He has a love for Dr. Pepper that is deep and it’s real. I mean we should probably just buy a pallet of it and Levi would still work his way through the whole thing before I got through a 24 case of Diet Coke. Ah yes, Levi and his 12 year old turbo metabolism. I would hate him for it if I didn’t love him so darn much!

But I digress. Time to bring the thunder!! HAHAHA……..I don’t know why.


  • 3-4 lbs Pork Loin Roast
  • Pork Rub- I created my own with 1/2 cup brown sugar and even parts garlic salt, paprika and black pepper. Sorry didn’t actually measure everything out, but you should use at least a tablespoon of each.
  • 2 cans of Dr. Pepper
  • 1 bottle of BBQ sauce. We used KC Masterpiece Hickory Brown Sugar BBQ.


Coat the pork roast in the rub. Really work it in there so the meat will absorb the flavors and it won’t just all come off the minute it hits the liquid. I usually spend a good 2-3 minutes working the rub in. At some point I plan on getting a meat injector because that would really kick the flavor into high gear.

Add the pork loin to the slow cooker and pour in both cans of Dr. Pepper. I also added about 1/2 cup of the BBQ sauce so the meat would have a little of that flavor as well. We cooked the pork for 2 hours on low and then 3 hours on high. But if you are able to let it cook all day you can do 6-8 hours on low.

You’ll know when it’s done if you stick a fork in the side and meet little resistance pulling it away from the roast. Put the roast on a serving platter or you can drain most of the liquid from the slow cooker and shred it in there. Add 1/2 bottle of the BBQ sauce and toss the meat around to get a good coating. You can add more BBQ sauce to meet your saucy needs πŸ™‚

Another very important decision to make is the bun. I think the best one would be crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. Toast it up a little, pile on the meat and serve with your favorite sides.


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