Rebirth of a Romanov

imageTonight we celebrated like Russians in Paris! Hahahaha. So last night I wasn’t able to get my disc of the animated Anastasia (not actually a Disney movie, although that is a common misconception) to work in the DVD player. I was pretty bummed out and frustrated. But today I decided to try the disc in the Xbox  so find out more about the issue. And it worked!!  So I wanted to end the post by saying cheers in Russian, but according to all my research there is no universal Russian drinking cheer. So that is my something new learned today. So I hope you enjoy this tasty beverage. Salut!

1.5 oz White Chocolate Liquor

1.5 oz Limoncello

1.5 oz Orange Cream Vodka

Use chunks of frozen watermelon to fill the glass instead of ice. Pour all liquor over watermelon and enjoy 🙂


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