The Death of Anastasia


Tonight’s plan was go get some delicious food and then watch Anastasia. I’ve only seen it once believe it or not but Danielle loves Disney (and other animated) movies and we wanted to watch it again. We got our delicious food and hunkered down on the couch to watch the movie. The DVD played didn’t seem to be cooperating. We got random errors and it wouldn’t play. This is very strange since we never have had an issue with the DVD player. Danielle tried to work her magic with all the basic troubleshooting. Each time it seemed she got a little further but it still wouldn’t work it just kept freezing. Maybe it’s the disc we thought? The disc looked clean as a whistle so we tried a few more times but still no cigar. Other discs worked just fine. After trying many times we decided to make this drink and call it The Death of Anastasia.

The drink is made of:
Silver tequila
Creme de cassis
Blackberry brandy

This is a pretty stiff drink, but that’s sufficient for the death of an legend.


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