Tropical Sunrise


Mixing drinks is a new hobby of ours and with our liquor cabinet in full swing, we have a plethora of options. We are always on the look out for new liquors and mixers. With our recent purchase of Limoncello we have even more options.

A new drink I’ve made is the Tropical Sunrise. This tasty drink has the nickname of “you won’t know what hit you.” The drink is made with the following ingredients:

1.5 oz of Limoncello
1.5 oz of white Rum
Orange pineapple juice

First out ice in a highball glass and add the Limoncello and Rum. Fill the glass with the orange pineapple juice leaving just a little room at the top of the glass. Add the grenadine last as it will sink to the bottom of the glass. Let it settle and you have a beautiful Tropical Sunrise. Enjoy!


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