Somewhere over the rainbow…cake

Photo Jun 15, 3 31 47 PM

This year I turned 26, entering adulthood fully (now I have to get my own health insurance :/). For my birthday Danielle and I decided to make a layered cake since we found the roung cake pans. Danielle already got the funfetti cake and the frosting and several frosting flavor additions as part of my birthday gifts you could say. We were both excited and nervous to make a layered cake and both very pleased with the delicious outcome.

Here is what we did to build our masterpiece.

The first step was to mix the cake batter as directed on the box. We divided the batter evenly in 7 bowls so we could make the 7 colors of the rainbow (if you forget the order just remember Roy G. Biv -Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet). The next thing we needed to do was mix the batter with food coloring to get the 7 colors we needed. With a little help from a basic understanding of mixing colors I think we did well. Here is the batter after we added the colors.

Photo Jun 14, 6 01 04 PM

Next we added the batter to 2 round cake pans in a circular pattern in the order of the colors.

Photo Jun 14, 6 05 45 PM\

Once the batter was in the pans we ran a knife through the batter to make some pretty awesome swirls!

Photo Jun 14, 6 07 06 PM

After the cakes were done baking and cooling, we carefully cut the top off the cakes that was going on the bottom so we had a flat surface between the cakes.

Photo Jun 14, 7 56 41 PM

We put a layer of white frosting in between the layers of the cake so they would adhere to each other and then came the hard part (Danielle did this part because she loves me so much :)). She did a great job and it turned out beautifully.

Photo Jun 15, 3 31 47 PM

The cake was delicious! It turned out so well. It was a fun time putting this whole cake thing together. I look forward to more fun baking adventures!

Photo Jun 15, 9 25 24 PM


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