Kiss the Sky

Work is about to get very very very crazy for me. So on Sunday all I wanted to do was RELAX and we started having blended tasty beverages in the afternoon while sitting on the deck. It was a really nice day outside and a frozen drink was just the ticket. Also,  Levi found a blender hidden in our pantry so we needed to celebrate and give blended drinks a try. We made 2 drinks this afternoon and just had a much needed relaxing day puttering around the house.

I really want to start adding fruit into these to really get that thick blended texture. If  you have any suggestions let me know!

Kiss the Sky
Kiss the Sky

This recipe makes a full pitcher:

Fill blender to the top with ice

1 oz Triple Sec

1 oz Blue Curacao

2 oz Coconut Rum

3 oz Peach Rum

1 cup lemonade. (I used my leftover lemonade from when we saw Maleficent the other night!! I freaking loved that movie 🙂

Blend it up and enjoy!


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